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July 07th 2008

Hi there, it's been a fucking long time without giving you some news about us.

SAD NEWS : Well, for now "the Caktus" is stone and drunk, so he is having some rest.

GOOD NEWS : We've been working on some other different projects and some of them are available on Myspace. The project we are the most proud of, is AWKWARD. A mix of heavy, thrash and power metal. Listen up our songs on Myspace and leave some comments. For the other projects, check the LINKS section.

OK, it's time to go, so I as usual : DRINK FAST & PLAY LOUD !!!.

See you broes !

May 18th 2006

Hi eveybody, here we are again ! Huge thanks for your support through the MySpace site, broes.

NEWS N°1 : The video for Still drunk has been added to the Media section ( it's on YOU TUBE, and it's low quality video but soon I'll post a better one)

NEWS N°2 : In a 3 or 4 months, we will start a new 5 tracks demo (maybe full album, who knows ? ). So stay tuned and check the MySpace site for news.

Remember, DRINK FAST & PLAY LOUD !!!.

See you broes.


November 28, 2005

We've finally launch this web site. Goddamn yes !!!!!!!! The album is not out yet, we are working on the cover. Check the MEDIA section for stuff to download.

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